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2 IN 1 LED V-light Adjustable Aperture Pulley Floor Lamp System For Hair Salon

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Why choose UIHAIR 2 IN 1 UV LED Vlight hair extension system?
1. Stable light source
 In response to various customer reports regarding vlight light source issues, our uihair technical department has made new changes, switching to direct current (DC) power. This ensures that the UV light output remains stable regardless of how long it is used, preventing any power loss situations.
2. Longer retention 
We have improved the original vlight, enabling faster curing and shorter time under the same amount of adhesive, while ensuring longer hair retention, it can last 6-8 weeks with proper care.
3. It frees up your hands. 
This lamp is equipped with fixable casters, allowing for flexible movement while ensuring the stability of vlight. The gooseneck can be adjusted flexibly at 360°. You only need to fix its position and control it with a foot pedal.
4. Longer lifespan. 
The lifespan of our lamp head can reach up to 30,000 hours, and an additional replaceable lamp head is provided. By simply replacing the lamp head, you get a brand new UV light again.
5. Not limited by external light sources
2 in 1 LED and UV lamp, greatly saving floor space. In addition, you can also perform vlight hair extension operation under any external light source.
1.Material: Metal+Aluminium+Silicon
2.Input: 5V-1A
3.UV lamp Power: 10W
4.LED light Power: 18W
5.UV Wavelength: 395-400nm
6.Operation mode: Pedal manual dual control switch
Part Description:
1.UV lamp head
1).replaceable lamphead seperately.
2).adjustable light spot size
2.UV lamp hose
the gooseneck can be flexible with 360°
3. LED hair light
Three color temperature modes, stepless brightness adjustment
High brightness and high color rendering, soft light and not dazzling
color temperature (3000k-6000k)
stepless brightness(0-100%)
4. Operation
Pedal manual dual control switch
5.Self-locking five-bar silent pulley base
Without releasing the extension/fans, hold the UV lamp on the adhesive for about 1-3 seconds. The UV adhesive is cured immediately.
Only works with light-curing V light glue. 
The soft lamp arm can be bent and adjusted in height at will
Packing content:
1x UV LED lamp
1x Replaceable Adjust Aperture Lamp Head
1x Power adapter
1x Foot switch
1x V-light glue
1x Velcro
1x Hair Splitter
1x V light glue remover
1x Mini comb
1x Bracelet
1x Sticker
5x Ingle Hole Round Spacer with scale
1x Flat clip

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