Blue Glue Seamless Hair Extension Double-Sided Tape

length :
Width :

【Highly Bonded】Blue rubber, high-strength adhesive, provides high strength to the hair and keeps the hair lasting.
【Waterproof without traces】no trace, easy to clean, designed for hair extension, effect, waterproof and , can swim, bath, etc. There is no trace after sticking, it is not easy to be found that it is hair extension.
【Safety adhesive】material, not allergic, harmless to your skin and hair, double-sided adhesive, easy to disassemble, convenient for daily use, suitable for professional salon use and home use.
【Multi-purpose】Glue is not only used for hair extension, but also for refilling blocks to prevent clothes from getting out.
【Simple operation】Double-sided tape is easy to install and remove for everyday use. At the same time, it is easy to clean and is designed for hair extension with effects.
【Change the focus of the glue】1, clean the previous glue, ensure that there is no oil in the position of the patch, and then paste the new film. 2, when you need to press hard, do not heat, do not wash your hair after 24 hours.

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I liked the purchase the tape is good.


Arrived on time... I liked it.