UV LED Hair Extension Lamp


built-in new technology spectrum technology heating light source
touch switch turn off after 8 seconds safe to use
type c universal interface rechargeable

UV LED hair extension machine Brand-new technology Seamless hair extension tools,8 seconds fast curing,30 minutes to complete the whole head, small, easy to use on the neck. Auto Shut-Off.
This is a hair extension curing machine that requires no skills and saves time and effort. Apply a proper amount of UV hair glue to the hairpiece and connect it with the hair, use V-light to irradiate the joint for about 5 seconds to complete the hair extension. Only need 30 minutes to complete the full head; fast, simple, comfortable, and safe!
There is no need to worry about the dead battery because we specially design a 1.45 m swivel power cord for this machine. It is safer and more convenient for you to use. and not restricted by region.
Advantages of UV LED hair extension Technology: 1. Compared with the traditional hair extension, it is more comfortable and efficient, and it only takes 30 minutes to complete the full head; 2. No glue overflow during the period, no hair loss; 3. No residue after disassembly; 4. It can be used repeatedly, the hair will not become short, and no need for secondary processing.
【Precautions】: In order to protect your eyes, pls do not contact the light with your eyes directly. And keep the product out of reach of children

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Arrive on time, is nice and small. Can carry anywhere, easy to use


Very good product, well made , works well