Virgin Human Hair Keratin Nano Ring Tip Hair Extensions Highlight Color

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1. Product Name: Nano Ring Tip Virgin Human Hair Extensions
2. Color: #M16A/60,#M18/60A,#P16/60,#HZ/60A
3. Hair Material: 100% Real Virgin Human Hair
4. Item Type: Keratin bonded Nano Ring tips
5.Texture: Straight, thick end
6.Weight: 1g/ strand, 100g/set
7. Length: 14 to 26 inch.
【Perfect hair extensions made from real human hair】Our nano tip hair extensions are made from real human hair, just like your natural hair. They are incredibly soft and seamlessly blend with your own hair texture. In comparison to synthetic hair, these extensions exhibit outstanding heat resistance and durability, allowing you the freedom to curl and style them as you desire. Whether for everyday wear or special occasions, they complement any look perfectly.
【Nano Human Hair Extensions Advantages】 Nano-tip Hair Extensions human hair offer a more discreet and less noticeable installation method without the need for heat or glue, preserving the integrity of your natural hair. The nano rings are smaller in size and less protruding, creating a seamlessly natural appearance. This method of wearing allows for a perfect blend with your own hair, making it difficult to be noticed and providing you with a comfortable and effortless wearing experience.
【Easy to manage, beautifully enduring】Sunny nano ring natural hair extensions bring you the simplicity of modern maintenance. Whether straightening, curling, washing, or styling, there's no need to worry about any damage. Proper care can extend the lifespan of the extensions, reaching up to 2-3 months. Even after washing and styling, they can maintain their initial charm. The seamless blend creates a dreamy effect, allowing you to radiate confidence and captivating allure at all times!
【Fashionable freedom, effortlessly reversible】Opted for a hair extension, but had a change of heart? Don't worry, Nano Hair Extensions provides you with a reversible solution, making your decisions free and flexible. It's not just a one-time fashion choice but a reusable beauty experience. Empowering you to effortlessly master hairstyle transformations, showcasing different facets of yourself and exuding a constant sense of freshness and confidence!
【Usage scenario】Hair extensions are commonly used in different aspects of daily life, like dancing, weddings, or even role-playing. With upcoming holiday events, you can use micro ring human hair extensions to enhance your overall look and easily change hairstyles without modifying your natural hair. In everyday routines, wearing nano ring human hair extensions can also add length and volume to your hair.
【Advantages of Nano Human Hair Extensions】 Nano tip hair extensions Human Hair use a tiny wire in the tip and a smaller ring for attachment. Each strand is well pre-bonded individually, which helps to decrease hair shedding. It is suggested to have them installed by a professional hairdresser for a beautiful outcome.
【Caring Tips】Nano bead hair extensions, unlike natural hair, lack nourishment from the scalp's natural oils and cannot absorb nutrients on their own. To maintain their softness, shine, and manageability, it is important to regularly use hair care products or conditioning treatments. Additionally, tightening the hair with pliers after wearing for a week can help prolong their usage time.
1.Try to wash your hair as infrequently as possible, every 4 or 5 days is recommended.
2.Use sulfate-free shampoo because sulfate can damage your extensions.
Avoid using too many hair products, because that can also cause tangling and matting.
Use acidic shampoo for light color hair extensions can help avoid matting
3.After you clean the hair, pleas use some hair conditioner. it can prolong the hair life very well
4: please use the warm water instead of too hot water
5: Be gentle to comb your hair from top to bottom, untangle the hair

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Amazing quality. I ordered several colors. I like this hair a lot. Arrived very fast to Western Europe. I will work with only this seller in future! Thank you.