Wig Invisible Liquid Glue


LIGHT-HOLD HAIR REPLACEMENT GLUE: It's like a special glue that gently sticks them to your skin and scalp. We've done lots of research and testing to make sure it's really good quality and safe to use. With our advanced adhesion technology, it provides maximum hold even in tough situations like excessive sweating, extreme moisture, and high temperatures."
INVISIBLE BONDING FOR NATURAL HAIR LOOKS: Once you apply it, it creates an invisible bond that hides your hairline and makes your wig or hairpiece look totally natural. It's perfect for both boys and girls, men and women! Plus, our quick-drying and clear formula absorbs light and blends with your skin tone, making your hairline undetectable.
DESIGNED FOR OILY SCALPS, HIGH HUMIDITY & HEAVY PERSPIRATION: Adhesive is specially made for people with oily skin and scalps, or if you sweat a lot. It even works great in places with lots of moisture and humidity. It gives a strong hold, so you don't have to worry about your lace front wigs or toupees coming off. Our adhesive is suitable for oily skin, effectively masking yellow sebum excretion and protecting against skin oils or wetness.
WATER AND OIL-RESISTANT: When you wear a wig or toupee, you want to feel confident and not worry about it moving or falling off. That's why our bonding glue is water resistant, so it won't come off if it gets wet. It's also resistant to natural skin oils, keeping your hair in place and looking and feeling natural. And the best part? Our adhesive is shower safe, so you can confidently step into the shower without worrying about your hair system losing its bond.
FREE OF LATEX, HARSH SOLVENTS, AND TOXIC INGREDIENTS: designed with your sensitive skin and scalp in mind. We ensured it had no bad chemicals, latex, or toxic ingredients. Even when you remove your hairpiece, you can use a safe adhesive solvent like rubbing alcohol instead of other harsh things that might bother your skin. Our high-performance clear glue is manufactured to strict standards, ensuring 100% safety and no harsh chemicals.

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I been using this glue since I started applying wigs


Delivery was fast. Received my hot comb in good condition. I will purchase more items from this seller


Works amazingly. You can get in a fight and it’ll still secure your wig